MetalMiner™ Metal Price Benchmarking

Get granular in benchmarking your industrial metal spend to analyze your performance and identify cost savings. Advanced spend analysis and cost modeling are available through MetalMiner’s custom benchmarking and advisory services.

Knowledge is leverage. Raw material cost can account for up to 60% of total product costs. Therefore, lowering the cost associated with raw and semi-finished materials is undoubtedly a key priority. The problem is “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

MetalMiner Benchmark™ Services truly take the guesswork out of your spend analysis and competitive intelligence efforts. The MetalMiner Benchmark proprietary database contains 31M+ actual price points collected from 1,100+ companies in 19 industries, allowing for metal price comparisons by type, grade, form, and in some cases, even size (e.g. 3003 H14 .050 x 48” x 120” sheets).

What if you could analyze your spend – line item by line item – against the average paid for the same materials by similar companies right here in North America? What if you could analyze the average prices paid BEFORE you contract for materials? It’s better than a couple of quotes and a puff of smoke!

“In today’s difficult and competitive economic landscape, Cost reduction has become the top priority for chief procurement officers as they look to sustain growth in a slowing market”
– Deloitte 2016 global CPO survey

So how can you leverage our intelligence to your advantage? It’s simple: Identifying a single cost savings in many cases more than offsets the cost of the analysis. But it goes much deeper than that.

Leverage Our Intelligence to Your Advantage

Industrial Price Discovery
Metals intelligence to negotiate from a position of strength

Compare actual prices being paid for industrial metals – in the exact alloy, form and spec you need

Access current and historic detailed pricing data to find the price the market is bearing

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Vendor Identification
Metals intelligence to identify alternate sources of supply

Make more effective mill-direct vs. service center award decisions

Utilize MetalMiner’s experience with actual and detailed pricing data

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Total Cost Modeling
Metals intelligence to make critical business decisions

Identify how a change in material cost will affect your total cost of production

Benchmark spend to identify actual cost and savings in new product development, changes to manufacturing processes, material substitutions, and more.

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Sales and Marketing
Metals intelligence for your customer communications

Arm your sales team with market price knowledge

Help them better understand your sales pricing strategy

Allow them to be more dynamic in their communications with customers

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