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Most forecasts are notoriously wrong. For you, as a buyer of metals, forecasting the future (an impossible task) is not as important as knowing what to do.

MetalMiner constantly monitors markets, understands the major factors influencing price and has a great track record identifying good opportunities to hedge or forward buy metals.

Tap into the information you need to make well-informed metal buying decisions with the following MetalMiner tools and services:

Annual Outlook (free download)

The free 2018 Annual MetalMiner Outlook is essential reading for buyers of North American metals. The report speaks authoritatively about the state of the commodities market, the industrial metals market and key price drivers you need to consider throughout the year – including:

  • Analysis of last year’s MetalMiner Outlook performance


  • An overview of macro-economic influencing factors and current market conditions


  • Detailed price estimates, outlook and buying strategies for 10 metal types (aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, HRC, CRC HDG and plate)


Monthly Outlook (our most popular product!)

Metals prices fluctuate throughout the year. Arm yourself with the most accurate metals price forecast to save money (or avoid unnecessary spend) on your metal purchases with MetalMiner’s Monthly Outlook, including:

    • Medium- and short-term trend analyses covering 10 metal types (aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, HRC, CRC HDG and plate)


    • Support and resistance numbers (Pivot Points) to bear in mind


  • Exact price level pinpoints and alerts of when to make changes to your sourcing strategy


With a near-100% renewal rate, subscribers clearly find the monthly outlook essential to their sourcing strategies.

Bill Chapin, Procurement Manager, Watson, Inc. said, “(MetalMiner’s) monthly metals price outlook reports are instrumental in my ability to stay on top of changes and patterns in the Industry, and most importantly the impact these have on our business. The success I was able to achieve in controlling, and in several cases, reducing our costs last year was directly attributable to the information I obtained through MetalMiner.”

Ron Wilson, CPO, Wilbur Curtis (and current Monthly Outlook subscriber) said, “MetalMiner has broadened my knowledge of the metals world. It keeps me informed on what is happening and what is coming next – which sure beats finding generic info on the web.

Subscriptions are fairly priced at $1,299/year (a single seat), or $2,499/year (up to 5 seats).

Or take the….

Custom Research and Forecasting

Do you have more complex metals intelligence needs?

If you deal in unique or complex metals, combinations, multiple locations, multiple currencies, etc. – or you want to gain a holistic view of a project and/or prices for individual components, MetalMiner has the expertise and resources to turn around your request in very short order.

MetalMiner can help you:

  • Track trends impacting niche or foreign metals markets
  • Develop multi-metal sourcing strategies
  • Gauge expected volatility to existing revenue models
  • Provide more competitive bids to customers
  • Expedite savings assessments and sourcing waves
  • Assess the value of existing and potential deals
  • or simply tell us what you need…

Reach out with your custom intel request and we’ll respond that same business day (if submitted by 4pm CT)

Buy with Confidence – Get Access to the Best Metals Intel with MetalMiner