Base Metal, Steel Price Forecasts


A Bit More on Our Methodology

  • We don’t try to speculate when a new major trend will start. Nor do we attempt to predict a metal’s actual price in the future. Rather, our goal is to identify clear signals that new trends have started, warning buyers in the early stages of a new trend so they can start hedging once a metal hits our price target.
  • We believe that most metal price forecasts use outdated approaches with poor reliability. These approaches depend upon lagged data such as economic indicators and supply and demand data from previous months/quarters.
  • Moreover, they tend to narrow their view to the supply and demand dynamics of a single metal without taking into account what is happening in other financial markets. Instead, we rely on the study of price and volume, studying relationships within the industry, sector and financial markets as a whole.

Our Monthly Metal Forecasts:

  • Steel – HRC, CRC, HDG, Plate
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Zinc

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