2013 proved a great year for automakers as well as a beacon of hope for metal producers that supply to that industry. MetalMiner’s Automotive MMI®, the best performing of all indexes throughout 2013, moved above its January 2012 baseline reading of 100 to 101. Hot dipped galvanized steel, copper and lead pricing lent support during […]

In spite of declining consumer confidence, a drop in residential construction and sales of existing housing stock, and mediocre retail sales, one section of the US economy is booming – cars. Aided by falling fuel prices, widely available cheap credit and an improved model range – at least from the domestic Big Three – sales […]


Ron Krupitzer paints AISI as the central hub of cooperation between steel companies and automotive OEMs. MetalMiner recently had the chance to sit down with Ron Krupitzer, vice president, automotive market for the Steel Market Development Institute. Having covered the aluminum industry’s involvement in lightweighting, we wanted to get the steel perspective on the issue. […]


Continued from Part One. Fiat’s Sergio Marchionne is coming under political pressure, according to an FT article. Understandably, his response was blunt. “Would you invest in a market overwhelmed by the crisis in which not only do you not have the certainty of making one euro of profit, but risk losing the money invested?” he is reported […]

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Who would want to be a carmaker these days? You don’t even get the endless golf, private jets and unlimited expense accounts that once were a feature at least in the corporate world of Auto America. Although GM and Chrysler have been shamed by going cap-in-hand to the taxpayer, Ford at least has been able to hold […]


Continued from Part One. In another twist to the tale, a report in the FT says GM seems to be at an advanced stage of discussions with France’s Peugeot, also a struggling carmaker with excess capacity, to jointly develop engines, transmission systems and entire vehicles that would be sold under their respective brands. While this […]


Europe’s car companies could be said to mirror the European economies in the sense that there’s a stark contrast between the haves and have-nots, or between the profitable and the loss-making. Unlike the US, where all carmakers were pulled down post-2008 and some teetered on the edge of bankruptcy while others actually went into Chapter […]