There was a time (and I can remember it) when the streets of Shanghai at rush hour were a manic surge of bicycles either waiting at lights or streaming across junctions. Those have now gone, to be replaced by the roar of autos and the hum of electric bikes. Currently there are approximately 140 million […]


Perhaps the biggest hurdle to the widespread uptake of electric cars is not their comparatively short range, but the long time it takes to re-charge the batteries. If a car like the Nissan Leaf manages only an 80-90 mile range as this test suggests (as against the manufacturers’ 108 miles from a tank of sparks) […]


As a mother of two relatively young kids (almost 7 and almost 4), I tend to think we pay pretty close attention to product recalls and safety hazards. Though we had to return several Thomas the Train cars a few years ago (when we learned they contained lead paint) and had to stop using our […]


For those of you movie buffs out there who enjoyed the first Iron Man, we have to give a resounding two thumbs up to the sequel. However, our analysis of this film differs greatly from our first piece written nearly two years ago that basically included a cost-to-build analysis of Tony Stark’s suit in which […]


Posco revealed several bits of news about two weeks ago which steel buyers everywhere may find of interest. The first piece of news involves its own estimates of steel demand increasing by 10% this year. That may not strike anyone as noteworthy given the past year but nonetheless, it appears positive.  The second bit of […]


Last week, we ran a post covering a a key raw material supply investment made by Toyota. But number four steel producer, Posco has also made some big headlines by doing the same. According to Simon Moores, Deputy Editor and Mark Watts, in their story, “Industrial Giants Invest in Lithium in this month’s issue of […]


Toyota Motor Corp made a major news announcement yesterday that it has secured a long-term source for lithium supply out of Argentina. According to the Wall Street Journal, Toyoto Tsusho Corp, a key supplier to Toyota and partly owned by the OEM, received low-cost loans to invest approximately $100-125m in an Australian company, Orocobre to […]