The manufacturing world got some news late last week that is neither entirely uplifting nor completely dispiriting. The good news is that industrial production and capacity utilization did not decrease last month. The upward trend for US manufacturing continues, and we hope that it’s a sustainable one. Growth continues, but not at eyebrow-lifting rates. According […]


Continued from Part One. The MOM surfaces are cast and then machined to size and finally polished to a mirror finish to create a perfect fit. The idea is, a perfect fit means the surfaces should never touch each other, according to Dr. Timothy Wright, Kirby Chair of Orthopedic Biomechanics: “Just like the cylinder in […]


The metals industry is rightly proud and producers understandably value the successful application of metal alloys in the medical implants industry. From high-purity refining through forging and casting operations, machining, coating and treating the use of titanium, cobalt, chrome and stainless steels in addition to a number of less common metals, this has been a […]


Source: planespotters.net It may indeed by a good holiday season for the likes of Boeing, as they sewed up contracts of considerable size with emerging markets, to begin supplying planes for the next couple decades. Of course, their tussles with Airbus always keep things interesting, and Chinese and Russian plane-makers are joining the game as […]


Like you, I have now read probably half a dozen pieces on the amazing contributions of Steve Jobs. A visionary, an innovator, Thomas Edison-like, perhaps our modern Albert Einstein¦we’ll leave the big thoughts to others. But in our world of metals, we have only one observation — nobody has made metals as sexy and as […]

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Much has been made — maybe too much — of the dire straits the world will shortly be in when the Chinese finally choke off supplies of rare earth metals, or elements (REE) to the outside world. No one would deny REEs have many critical uses, but you can’t help wondering if there aren’t a […]


Guest contributor Alex Burns studies biology at Cardiff University in the UK. Continued from Part One. So why is titanium used at all? Well, one of the more concerning complications is what is known as Ëœcatastrophic failure‘ with the ceramic implant. Unfortunately, being ceramic, it can crack and break much in the same way porcelain […]


Guest contributor Alex Burns studies biology at Cardiff University in the UK. You’ve heard of Car Wars – now how about Titanium vs. Ceramic? What did ceramic say to titanium? Move over. More and more now, ceramic composites are used in hip replacement in favor of titanium. The hip replacement is one of the most […]


Source: 14kgoldteeth.com Strangely, gold is the hottest commodity quickly and pervasively filtering not only into investment portfolios and central bank coffers, but also into peoples’ mouths and onto their teeth. To wit, one of our posts about gold grillz — the technical name for gold-based jewelry custom made for the oral cavity — is the […]


My colleague Taras wrote late last month about the booming order books for new aircraft at Boeing and Airbus. In an FT article out this week, Forecast International are quoted as saying they expect production of commercial and military aircraft to jump more than 50 percent to 4,870 units within just five years. Anyone reading […]