Bauxite Mining Company Faces Domestic Human Rights Hurdles

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A mining giant is blocked from a major new investment due to a human rights group campaigning on behalf of Indian tribes. Sound like a typical story of a US minerals company being prevented from starting a major domestic project? Well, no — contrary to popular belief, it is not free reign in the developing world but restrictions at home.

This is Vedanta Resources, a major Indian metals and mining group under siege from a human rights and environmental group Survival International, reported in the Daily Telegraph.

Apparently Vedanta has been working their way through the regulatory process for several years in order to gain approval for a major new bauxite mine in Orissa State, Eastern India. The bauxite would be used for making alumina and finally aluminum, a metal that is experiencing rapidly growing demand in India in line with the rest of the economy. One of the less well reported issues of globalization is that multi nationals face similar environmental challenges all over the world now — a fact of which Vedanta is only too well aware.

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