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It’s holiday time in the States, so the MetalMiner team thought we would take a day off to remember those who have served our country and fought for democracy and our free market system. I refer to affiliate blog Spend Matters for a little bit of history.

In the meantime, between hot dogs and hamburgers, we thought we would leave you with a few links to the more interesting articles and posts we’ve seen this past week, articles that should interest those following the metals industry. We’ll start high level and work our way down:

The first link is an excellent piece on preserving an open economy. Not that we necessarily agree with all of Martin Wolf’s commentary, but it does give us something to think about.

The second piece, totally unrelated to the first, is an interesting analysis of the metals markets from Investor’s Business Daily. Personally, I find the analysis from the financial community sometimes informative and occasionally provocative, while at other times, downright silly. This piece falls in the informative camp and discusses current demand numbers from industries consuming metals.

The third piece, for you metals lovers out there, is a movie recommendation for Iron Man, a film that we might see on this rainy Monday.

Have a safe holiday. See you tomorrow!

–Lisa Reisman

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