Deloitte: Putting the Pedal to the Metal!

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Borrowing a page from my husband’s blog Spend Matters (I swear I do wonder what his key terms are in his Google settings), I love it when people send us links and articles to interesting stories that they feel might be “blog worthy”. I feel it is my special duty in particular to bring your attention to this item that a MetalMiner reader forwarded to us, because this involves my former employer, Deloitte (I worked there after Andersen was shuddered). So it was with great delight that I read about some entertainment troup that was hired by Deloitte as the evening get-up for last week’s Steel Success Strategies conference in The Big Apple.

Now Deloitte is not a firm that I think of when I think about the cutting edge but I suppose the “heat” from the conference called for a new approach. Not to minimize the real fireworks from the conference itself, we have two posts on this subject, one that just appeared and one coming out later this week. And though  we won’t be promoting  metal bustierres and funky welding tanks, we promise a worthwhile read.

–Lisa Reisman

(Hat Tip: DP, thank you!)

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