Pumping Up the Jam: Car Stereo Suppliers Raise Prices

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This is a true story: I didn’t really understand what a subwoofer was until my husband informed me that he had purchased a cabinet to be placed under our new flat screen television. Since I was in charge of all “design elements” of our home remodel project, I was outraged at this purchase, especially considering I was going to be placing a 14 foot long workman’s table under said location. There aren’t many places a 14 foot table can go, after all. So when I saw that car audio suppliers decided to raise prices for car speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers in a “rare occurrence” according to this TWICE article, I just knew some metals had to be one of the culprits.

And sure enough they are. According to the article, the cost of metals, oil and transportation all lead to the price increases. Subwoofers in particular have quite a few metal components including “an aluminum basket, steel in the back and top plates, and copper in the voice coil…” Noting that such price increases are rare, customers are used to electronic components decreasing in cost over time. Not surprisingly, the cost increases lead to “dramatic, temporary sales declines” and sales don’t pick back up until the next model is available. I think I’ll try that sourcing trick of waiting one week before the new models come out to buy anything. Nothing like a clear-the-old-inventory-before-the-new-model-comes-out sale to  fend off  those nasty price increases.

–Lisa Reisman

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