Titanium Pricing: Prepare For Landing

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It’s Titanium Tuesday here at MetalMiner. We’ll cover three topics on the sector, beginning with a general look at the titanium producer segment and pricing. A second piece will cover product innovations to reduce metal costs, and  afterwards, you can read a third piece on the controversial acquisition of a US titanium producer. According to this article, titanium stocks have taken a beating. Allegheny Technology hit its lowest point in two years. But they aren’t the only ones hurting. Producers Titanium Metals Corp, Tronox and International Metals have also taken a beating.

What is to blame? The article sites a range of factors such as the Boeing 787 production delays and revised time schedules, and falling estimates for titanium use similar to what we have reported on with other metals. In addition to 787 delays, what with air travel down in the US and elsewhere demand for aircraft will likely follow. As an alloying element, titanium is taking a hit along with stainless steel though it has fared better with steel. Perhaps the only up-tick for this metal is for implants as MetalMiner contributor Amy Edwards can attest to.

Medical device and implants seem to be an industry not affected by the economy these days. The other piece of good news for titanium? There seems to be a lot of discussion about titanium in R&D circles. Just check out the number of pieces on NASA’s website.

–Lisa Reisman

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