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As the summer winds down, we decided to take a look at some of the “best” posts from the past few months at MetalMiner. These are posts that have received the highest readership and the most interest among our readers. Today, we’ll look at posts that relate to sourcing strategies, one of our favorite topics.  For those interested in perfecting your sourcing strategies, you might also want to check out our MetalSaver quiz.  Plus, we’re pleased to announce that Lisa Reisman from MetalMiner will soon participate in a FREE webcast on Modeling Total Costs for Global Sourcing Programs. The webcast will be held tomorrow, August 20, at 2 p.m. You can register online.

We hope you enjoy these  articles  — and the last few weeks of summer!

How Updated Are Your Supplier Score-Cards and Total Landed Cost Models?

China vs. Mexico – Where to Go for Metal Parts and Assemblies?

China vs. Mexico – Where to Go for Metal Parts and Assemblies? (Part 2)

Managing Metal Pricing Volatility

Metals Market Price Indexes: Where Are They?

Reverse Auctions in Stagflationary Environments…

Alternative Strategies in Rising Metals Markets

Cost Avoidance in Rising Markets…Can It Be Done?

Buy ‘Em, Hold ‘Em, Sell ‘Em, Hedge ‘Em

One Tool to Fight Steel Price Increases

Tricks of the Trade – Sourcing Metals in Global Companies

–Amy Edwards

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