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This week, the team at MetalMiner decided to introduce our first “best of” series, highlighting some of the posts that have most interested our readers since our splash into the blogosphere last December. Yesterday, we looked at the best posts that related to sourcing strategies. Today, we’re following a similar path and looking at the best posts that cover global trade developments.

If you want to further expand your knowledge of global trade and sourcing, don’t forget to register for today’s FREE webcast on Modeling Total Costs for Global Sourcing Programs. Lisa Reisman will participate in this webcast alongside Anurag Dixit and Paul Teague, and she’ll share some of her sourcing secrets. Until then, check out the following posts to learn more about recent global trade developments!

What We Can Learn From Trends in the Used Asset/Surplus Equipment Market

China Growth in Doubt

Freight Costs Kill Globalization?

Why Care About the Doha Round of Trade Talks?

Freight Volumes Down, Space Tight

Price of Steel Could Hurt the Price of Cars

Russian Steel Exports Possibly Set to Decline

Peru Miners Strike for Higher Salaries

Scandal! Rising Metal Prices: China Steel Industry Body Denies Export Tax Increases

Venezuelan Steel Pricing Up, Up and Away ¦

China Earthquake Affects Base Metals

Rich Man Poor Man: They May All Be Poor

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