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We consider anti-dumping one of the most important and controversial topics that we cover at MetalMiner, so it should be no surprise that we chose to compile some of our most interesting articles on the subject to create today’s “best of” list. You might have already caught Best of… Sourcing Strategies and Best of… Global Trade Developments  last week, but anti-dumping is a topic that warrants further discussion. As the month winds down, stay tuned for more compilations of the articles that most fascinate our readers.

Keeping An Eye on Metals Anti-Dumping Cases

Mommy Dearest: No More Dumping Wire Hangers!

US Trade Policy on Metals: All Mixed Up

US Steel Producers Accused of Anti-Dumping?

No Sleep for the Weary: USITC Will Hear Leggett & Platt Anti-Dumping Petition

No Sleep For the Weary: USITC Will Hear Leggett & Platt Anti-Dumping Petition (Part 2)

To learn even more about the topic, you might want to read some articles on our “brother blog,” SpendMatters.

Anti-Dumping: A Topic Every Practitioner and Consultant Should Know About

Leggett and Platt — Increasing Prices While Filing Anti-Dumping Complaints

“Anti-Dumping” Should be Called “Save the Fat Cats” at Everyone Else’s Expense …

Inner Spring “Anti-Dumping” Humor…

In fact, Jason Busch sums up some thoughts that mirror our own views:

I believe this anti-dumping case matters for all companies engaged in any type of global sourcing activity. For if Leggett and Platt can play the part of the victim successfully — convincing others that they’re not incompetent from a global sourcing perspective themselves, but rather the victim of globalization itself — then other companies will whine successfully to Uncle Sam too. And that will mean if you’re sourcing globally today and domestic alternatives exist to what you’re buying, you could very well find yourself losing your offshore options. In other words, think of the anti-dumping statutes as a type of discretionary reverse tariff that can be invoked at anytime.

–Amy Edwards

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