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There are some obvious ties  between the metals industry and the automotive industry. Since  MetalMiner often  shares extensive coverage of the automotive industry, it sounded like a fun challenge to compile our “best” posts that relate to this sector. There have been some exciting stories in the past few months, with automotive suppliers challenging blanket purchase orders, Johnson Controls suing some suppliers, and certain carmakers reducing SUV and truck production.

With no further ado…

Johnson Controls Goes After Steel Suppliers’ Surcharges


Automotive Suppliers Challenge Blanket Purchase Orders


Reduced SUV, Truck Production at GM


US Automakers Fight Steel Surcharges But Maybe They Don’t Need To


Soaring Metals Prices Drive Automotive Product Substitution


High Oil Costs, Smaller Cars and Declining Metal Demand


Price of Steel Could Hurt the Price of Cars


Rising Metals Costs Flattening the Tires on Automotive Companies


–Amy Edwards

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