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Best of MetalMiner, Green

Since “going green” has recently been touted as a way to save money and not just the environment (although saving the environment is a definite plus!), several readers have asked us to cover more eco-friendly topics on lean, green sourcing  strategies and innovations in the metals industry. Today, we’ve decided to pull some of our most interesting content that relates to the green side of the metals market.

Green Innovations in the Metals Industry

Green Innovations in the Metals Industry: GreenAlloysâž ¢

Part One: How Green Is My Supply Chain?

Part Two: How Green is My Supply Chain?

Going Green: Lean, Mean and Clean

The Search for Green Gold

Recycling E-Waste The Right Way

China Leads Heavy Metal Clean-Up

Wind Superpower: Alternative Energy in Missouri

The New Scrap Profession: Urban Mining

–Amy Edwards

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