Steel City Helps Iraq Steel Industry

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Earlier this week, we caught an interesting article about the steel industry. No, this piece doesn’t involve falling steel prices or vertical integration. Instead, the article discusses the historical “Steel City,” Pittsburgh, and its interaction with Iraq, highlighting  a Pittsburgh native’s efforts to help reconstruct Iraq.

Written by a 23-year-old Staff Sgt. Michael Sauet, an English student currently serving in Iraq, the article quotes Capt. Dave Toocheck, a steel industry expert for the Iraqi Strategic Support Cell: “What’s happening now in Iraq is obviously there’s a reconstruction need. In the reconstruction need, there’s been a high demand from steel products. The Iraqi Government is projecting they’re going to build 3 million houses. They’re also projecting the lowest demand will be 3 million tons (of steel) per year … Right now, my focus and my mission … (is) to engage the Iraqis at an engineering and technical level so that the knowledge I have from working in this industry is conveyed to them because they’ve been essentially isolated from the rest of the world for the past 30 years. And by doing that, now all the sudden we’re paving the process for reconstruction.”

In his well-written article, Staff Sgt. Sauet analyzes plans to develop scrap metal sites in Iraq, noting that these plans would “accumulate material and build steel-making plants to produce rebar and light-structure members … The four plants would provide work for 30,000 Iraqis and be located in different areas of Iraq to proportionally spread employment.” To read more, take a look at this interesting piece in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review!

–Amy Edwards

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