Gold Coins or Gold iPod

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It will be interesting to see if sales of 24ct Gold iPods experience the same surge of demand that the US and Canadian mints have enjoyed for their gold coins these last few months. The US Mint had to temporarily suspend sales of its American Buffalo 24ct gold one ounce coins because demand exceeded supply. But the Canadian mint has no such problems and was quick to point out it is coping with the increased demand for its various gold Maple Leaf coins. With Gold surging to over $900/ounce in the face of increasing financial uncertainty the coins are seen as a possible hedge. The gold iPod however may not be considered such a sound investment as the only way of realizing the gold content would be to melt it down ” rather impairing the original functionality of the device. At anything from $500 to $800 a piece the various iPod models can be had in 18 and 24 ct white or yellow gold finishes and probably proved very popular with bankers on big city bonuses. How many the manufacturers have sold this week we have not been able to establish, but we suspect they are not matching the queues outside the US Mint!

–Stuart Burns

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