Plastic, Not So Fantastic

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Editor’s Note: It is our pleasure to announce  MetalMiner is moving to the multi-media age with original video and audio segments, produced by the newest member of the MetalMiner team, Kayla Bensing.

We live in a world where most products ” where possible ” are made out of plastic. But this trend seems to be reversing itself, at least in one area.

Metals based water bottles are on the rise.

As more people are becoming environmentally conscious, they find themselves unable to ignore the gross amounts of plastic bottles discarded each day. According to, plastic recycling rates have only increased by 500 million pounds, compared to a 2500 million pound increase in wasted plastics from 1994 to 2004.

But if being green doesn’t change your behavior, how about  the  health risks associated with drinking from plastic water bottles? Re-using certain types of plastic water bottles or leaving them sitting in the sun for too long can lead to toxic leaks in the water you drink. For more information on what types of plastic water bottles are safe, check out:

Interviews in order of appearance:

Allison and Guy Stokes
Alex Wokelle
Michelle Johnson and David Duvan
Kaitlyn Thompson and Caroline Webb

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