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Sourcing Strategies

We recently hosted a webinar for IndustryWeek entitled: “Partnering with Suppliers To Overcome Rising Material Costs.” That was just a few weeks ago and as we all know, rising material costs just don’t pose the same threat  they did earlier this year. However, as the economic crisis continues to play out, the need to partner with suppliers continues. And though metals prices have dropped as we have been reporting, volatility remains. Managing volatility in uncertain economic times has become a theme spoken behind the walls of every company.

To that end MetalMiner is pleased to announce it will be rolling out its global metals pricing index, MetalMiner IndX(SM) later this week. For a preview of how price indexes can help companies save money and better manage volatility, we have sponsored a short white paper through our affiliate blog site, Spend Matters. You can read the white paper for free right here.

–Lisa Reisman

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