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As we prepare to officially soft-launch the MetalMiner IndX,  a new service that tracks global metals prices on a daily basis, we decided to review some recent articles that used facts and figures from this premium service. Below, you will find some of the “best” articles that relied on the MetalMiner IndX(SM) to support sourcing efforts, understand price fluctuations, or clarify various metals markets for our readers. Enjoy!

Chinese Hit Aluminum Price Triggers – Will Make Production Cuts
In this article, the MetalMiner IndX(SM)  allowed Lisa Reisman to recognize potential production cuts in China. This is just one way the MetalMiner IndX(SM) can  provide advance notification to  companies of price changes before they are published anywhere!

Is the LME’s Steel Billet Price A Leading Price Indicator?
The MetalMiner IndX(SM) revealed many telling developments in the steel market last summer, allowing Stuart Burns to accurately predict a softening demand. As with all daily updates on the MetalMiner IndX(SM), the international data  found in this article  was  gathered through our unique aggregation system.

A Steel Bird’s Nest – How Much Did China Pay for the Olympic Stadium?
In this fun, fresh features piece,  guest writer Jason Busch  used the MetalMiner IndX(SM) to calculate the expenses that went towards the Olympic stadium in China. Talk about some serious Yuan!

Steel Pricing Trends: Part One
In part one of this two-part base metals pricing update, our writers   observed lower prices across a range of steel products in the domestic Chinese market.  The MetalMiner IndX(SM) makes this observation  possible, since it provides transparency and visibility to global metal prices, allowing users to see the actual daily local market prices for raw and semi-finished materials.

2009: Iron Ore Surplus; Steel Prices to Fall Further
Using the MetalMiner IndX(SM), Stuart noted that Chinese domestic spot hot rolled coil prices  have been  down some 42 percent  since June. He then used this information to analyze forecasts for the 2009 iron-ore market.

–The MetalMiner Team

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