A Few Women in the Metals Industry That You Should Know

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Okay, this isn’t the Forbes list of the 500 richest people on Earth but for us rarities, (women in the metals industries) I personally like to see who’s who. That list was just published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal. So, who is on the list?

Interestingly enough Gulzhan Moldazhanova, the Chief Executive of Basic Element (no, it’s not a new make-up line) made the list. Ms. Moldazhanova reports to Oleg Deripaska, the entrepreneur that controls Russian aluminum producer Rusal and has a 25% stake in Norilsk Nickel, the largest nickel producer in the world. Her job you might ask? It’s to protect Mr. Deripaska’s assets amid this global economic melt-down. Another female power broker in the metals industry, Emma Marcegaglia, President of Confindustria an Italian business organization which: “promotes free-market reforms and increased competition through its representatives around the country and via the pages of business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, which it owns.” What is of greater interest to MetalMiner readers is perhaps why she was chosen to lead this organization….her skills as co-CEO of Marcegaglia SpA, a steel-products company her father founded in 1959.

Another power player not directly from the metals industry but certainly someone who must know her metals, Carolyn Corvi Vice President and General Manager, Airplane Programs, of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Ms. Corvi’s claim to fame, “she led the move to convert Boeing’s 737 factory into a moving production line, where as many as six of the twin-engine jetliners roll nose-to-tail through the plant in an aluminum conga line.” Now anyone that can organize 737’s into an aluminum conga line is woman enough for me!

–Lisa Reisman

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  1. Nate says:

    Good to know. Reminds me of when Zaha Hadid became the first female architect to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, coined as the Nobel Prize of Architecture. Whatever the field may be, from metals to architecture, women remain the movers and shakers of our environment, from the ground up.

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