Aren't Gas Prices Falling? One Silver Bar/One Tank

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Tired of bad news in the financial market? Despite the tough financial times, one metals dealer came oh-so-close to hitting payday earlier this week. While some scientists now use lasers to turn cheaper metals into gold, this Arkansas native went the opposite route. He convinced six men that their 62-ingot silver bar, valued at $20,000, was an inexpensive bar of lead. Believing the dealer, the men sold it to him for $30.

Shortly afterwards, the dealer called the police, suspicious about the shady exchange. Who sells pricey silver ingot for $30? And surprise! The bar had been stolen, along with “five gold Eagle coins valued at $1,000 each; 10 gold coins known as ËœType Set,’ with an estimated value of $10,000; and a rare D. H. Lawrence first-edition book with an estimated value of $5,000. One safe also contained … silver coins with an estimated value of $10,000,”  an  Arkansas newspaper explains. World War II medals had also been stolen from the  same home.

The thieves have been arrested and the silver bar reclaimed, even after the six men reportedly “used the $30 toward gasoline.”  Well, everyone has priorities…

–Amy Edwards

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