What's In An Implant?

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The answer to that question of course, depends upon the type of implant and whom you ask.  

As many MetalMiner readers are aware, this fall we decided to add our own original audio and video files to the content calendar to spice up the mix of programming. And while we’re getting the hang of things, we thought it important to switch around the content from serious news stories about the economy to industries which tend to be under-reported on industrial manufacturing blogs. One subject near and dear to the editors of this blog is the growing use of metals in the medical device industry. When one thinks about medical device, folks tend to think of pacemakers or titanium screws as MetalMiner reporter Amy Edwards wrote about many months ago (from personal experience). Of course hip and knee replacements involve forged and cast metal products while heart stints are made out of aluminum drug-coated springs (some are now even biodegradable). So, on a late Friday night, somebody asked the question, “What is a penile implant made from?” So we did some research and well, we decided to make a story of it, because it too requires metal. Listen to what Doctor David Lifshitz had to say on the subject….

–Kayla Bensing and Lisa Reisman


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