Mexican Violence Still Not Under Control

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Over the past few weeks we have covered a few stories on the situation involving violence in Mexico. You can read those posts here and here. We even managed to get ourselves into a lively debate on the topic over on Spend Matters. Some thought we were a little xenophobic. Others accused us of getting our facts wrong involving the frequency that firms pay their employees, particularly in maquiladoras located in border towns.

We stand by our stories. Writing this from a cafe in Paris I can’t help but think that we all perceive the world a little differently if we live in the country being discussed in mainstream news. Personally, I know that I am guilty of this. Despite our own country’s issues on the world stage, I’m very proud to be American. But that is not what this post is about. This post is about a situation in Mexico that is going from bad to worse and my writing about it seems to upset the sensibilities of those who have vested interests or live in Mexico. But friends, the situation is deteriorating and shows no signs of improvement. We’re not talking about a border skirmish in some remote mountain region in Pakistan far away from the lives of most Americans. No, I am talking about Juarez, Tijuana and even Acapulco. And until this situation is righted, we’ll continue to cover it because it has huge ramifications for international trade. It has huge ramifications for buyers of metals related products.

Here is just the latest story from CBS on this topic:
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–Lisa Reisman

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