714 Metal Orbs + Vision = Moving Experience of Art

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Media design and development firm ART+COM created a high-tech installation for the BMW Museum which opened in June 2008 in Munich, Germany. Involving mechatronics, the precisely moving sculpture is a “metaphorical representation” of the the automotive design process from concept to final form. From the artwork’s details: “714 metal spheres, individually controllable with millimetre accuracy; cable winches with individual high-precision motors for each sphere; software for defining animation paths and controlling motion.” The result looks and feels effortless but utilized a lot of disciplines: media design and technology planning, software development, protoyping and construction, site and project management.

View high-res images of the Kinetic Sculpture, BMW Museum.

Nate Burgos

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  1. Nate Burgos says:

    Tour of the BMW Museum at blog/magazine Yatzer: http://tinyurl.com/ba6vtr

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