A Space Inspired by and for Quiet: Architect Andrew Berman's Writing Studio


New York architect Andrew Berman’s building was commissioned as a library and writing studio for a historian. Situated in the woods in Long Island, the building is approached on foot through a stand of trees. There is no drive or path. The library sits at the threshold of an open field and a wood. A tidal stream is visible through the woods, at the rear of the site. Based on this description, wood is dominant in the building’s surroundings and especially in its interior, which is a mix of Douglas fir and books.

The exterior, however, is clad in copper which is affected by the passage of the day and the seasons. The copper can appear reflective and bright or matted and dark, depending on the quality of light. In addition to gold, copper is the only metal with a natural color other than gray or silver. The building’s copper exterior presents a range of browns and violets, and then mutates to greens that are influenced by nature’s pace.

It’s comforting to know that the building’s owner, while immersed in a light-infused interior, is also surrounded by a metal whose character adds to the freedom of a space, from the outside in.

” Nate Burgos

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