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In mid-January, Royal Mail, the national postal service of the United Kingdom, issued a set of stamps celebrating British Design Classics. The series was created by design firm HGV with still-life photography by Jason Tozer. The 10 icons and their designers are:

  • Supermarine Spitfire, Designed by R J Mitchell
  • Mini Skirt, Designed Mary Quant
  • Mini Cooper, Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis
  • Anglepoise Lamp, Designed by George Carwardine
  • Concorde, Designed by AÃ ©rospatiale
  • K2 Telephone Kiosk, Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott
  • Polypropylene Chair, Designed by Robin Day
  • Penguin Books, Designed by Edward Young
  • London Underground Map, Designed by Harry Beck
  • Routemaster Bus, Designed by team led by A.A.M. Durrant

Along with the diversity of scale and application among this compelling array of objects, it’s interesting to note the roles that metal plays in the design. From the steel sub-frames of the original Routemaster, to the metallurgical modeling and testing behind the Concorde’s supersonic speed, to the body style of the Mini Cooper, metal is the essential common denominator.

Written by published author and columnist Jim Davies, the British Design Classics Prestige Stamp Book provides more information on the selected design icons and their respective designers.

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