Vintage Metal Furniture for the Contemporary Worker

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Non-ferrous Metals

Image credit: Sonrisa Furniture

One person’s weathered metal desk is another’s treasure. The one above, with great distressed patina, was possibly used at a military base, according to the description given in the catalog from Los Angeles-based Sonrisa Furniture, which specializes in vintage steel desks and retro office furniture. Called a GF tanker desk, it was made popular as a line of standardized steel desks by the General Fireproofing Company (GF), founded in 1902 in Youngstown, Ohio.

What would a desk be without a chair? Sonrisa Furniture showcases these too, like this vintage 1930s, classic aluminum stenographer’s chair:

Image credit: Sonrisa Furniture

These samples of vintage office furniture possess a cinematic charm reminiscent of a different time. Nevertheless, they constitute a timeless furniture equation: Desk + Chair = Work. They may be mid-century, but remain modern.

Nate Burgos

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