MetalMiner April Fools True Metal Stories

We decided to examine some true stories   (and perhaps one false one) that we recently heard involving metals. So here is your morning quiz. Tell us which of these stories is not true.

Story one is set in Newark Ohio where a 28 year old man was caught drunk driving on his stainless steel legged bar stool atop a re-designed lawn mower. The man’s motorized bar stool drives at a cool go-kart speed of up to 38 mph. The driver consumed 15 beers and was hospitalized for minor injuries. No word on what kind of beer did him in.

Story two is set in the streets of Paris where a pole vaulter had been seen running throughout the city naked in protest of losing his Nike endorsement. (I thought this pole vault was made from aluminum but I er, was not paying too much attention to that)

Story three is set on the beaches of Sao Paulo where a man fired a fishing spear (we are surmising it was made of metal) and apparently hit his own head (and did so deeply that only a small part of the spear remained).   A six -inch spear was removed leaving. Doctors do not believe there will be any lasting damage. Remind me not to do that.

Story four involves the new one dollar gold coins (the ones favored by the Tooth Fairy as some of you may be familiar with). The coins were stamped with the words In God We Trust omitted. Really?

–Lisa Reisman

We’ll post the correct answer tomorrow.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


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