Demand Aggregation Presents Cost Savings Opportunities for Aerospace Industry

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We love when clients ask us to suggest out of the box means for cost reduction. In recent years, we have entertained a number of clients interested in exploring opportunities related to group purchasing, rebate programs or demand aggregation. Our experience ” that these programs though often very difficult to implement can achieve great benefits not only for OEM’s but also the OEM’s extended supply chain ” has allowed us the opportunity to examine (and in some cases implement) some of these models.

But we are by no means the experts in this area. MetalMiner will participate in a unique webinar this Wednesday, June 10 at 1:00pm CST on behalf of Aviation Week to discuss how companies can better manage their raw material and reduce unnecessary overhead costs through demand aggregation.   Featured speakers include: Cessna and GE Energy and the leading demand aggregation company, Supply Dynamics. Meanwhile, MetalMiner will provide a brief aerospace metals market overview.

If you are interested in learning more about the concept of demand aggregation, please visit Supply Dynamics here. Information on the webinar, “Capitalizing on Raw Material Aggregation”, can be found here. MetalMiner readers can gain access to the event with a 20% discount using coupon code RMA15.

We hope to see you there!

–Lisa Reisman

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