Pentagon Examines Real-Life Transformer

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I cringed this weekend as my six year old opened up a Trasformer birthday gift and squealed with glee.   There is something about these boy toys that I will never understand. But my son, despite being obsessed with the firearm capabilities of these toys also enjoys tinkering with each piece to understand its functionality and of course dual purpose.

And despite the movie sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen having received embarrassingly awful movie reviews, the film has become a major blockbuster already earning over $200m at the box office. Luckily, I can avoid my son watching that!

Instead of looking at the bill of materials for a transformer (we took our stab at that with Iron Man) to examine the metal content, we found an interesting story on how the Pentagon is looking at Ëœtransformer’ technology and specifically how to make metal fold upon itself.

Take a listen here:


–Lisa Reisman

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