MetalMiner: Now the 4th Largest Online Metals Publication (and Climbing)

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This post originally appeared on SpendMatters yesterday, July 20, 2009. Thank you Jason!

In less than two years since launching, MetalMiner’s online readership has begun to approach that of organizations which have been around for fifty times as long (for those who are not familiar with it, MetalMiner is a sister-site to Spend Matters focusing exclusively on global metals markets from a sourcing and trading perspective). With a monthly readership (i.e., unique visitors) of well over 15,000 these past few months and climbing, I also suspect that it has surpassed other broader sourcing and supply management sites from a traffic perspective (including Sourcing Innovation, Supply Excellence and E-Sourcing Forum). But more important for the metals community, it now ranks only behind Platts, AMM and Metal Bulletin from a readership perspective, using Compete, Quantcast and Alexa to triangulate over a period of months on traffic (and depending on what source you use on a given day, a more aggressive statement would be to suggest that it’s already passed Metal Bulletin, but given our conservatism, we won’t make that claim just yet).

Regardless, it would be safe to say that MetalMiner has stormed onto the metals publication and pricing index stage. It’s already screamed past MetalCenter News, The Northern Miner, MetalNews, SteelMarketUpdate, Metal-Pages, The Steel Index, CRU and many others as the go-to source of information and analysis in the global metals markets. If you’re involved in the metals supply chain (e.g., mine, mill, distribution, value-add/finished parts) and are looking to get in on the sponsorship ground floor of the Internet address that is doing for metals what Spend Matters did for procurement and supply chain — albeit in a much more compressed time-frame, and with the experience of Spend Matters behind it — I’d strongly suggest reaching out to MetalMiner today. You can contact William Busch, who runs sponsorship sales for both Spend Matters and MetalMiner, at wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com.

In coming up with a unique advertising and sponsorship value proposition for MetalMiner, we’ve combined the insights we’ve learned in working with many of the largest software, consulting and outsourcing companies on a strategic marketing basis over the years (not to mention our work as metals traders, suppliers and buyers). Our goal was to create a highly unique and compelling model focused as much on helping metals companies with demand creation as advertising and brand building (reach out to Bill, above, to learn more about just how different our approach is and why we believe traditional advertising is ineffective in today’s world). The result will be to enable our sponsors to generate qualified leads and to sell on value versus simply price. It’s a cool package, from a cool site that is changing the metals publication and pricing index marketplace. For further reading and background on MetalMiner, check out a recent post where I provided more detail.

– Jason Busch (for the entire MetalMiner Team: Lisa Reisman, Stuart Burns, William Busch, and Tim Morgan)

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