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Every summer, usually around vacation time, we launch our Best Of series. This summer is no exception though we promise to mix the mix so to speak. Judging by our analytics, we know that MetalMiner readers are quite fond of price predictions be they for steel, aluminum or precious metals. So scan the list for metals of greatest interest to you and by all means, if you disagree with our point of view, drop us a line. We’re always interested in knowing what our readers think.

In addition, we should mention that we have been diligently developing some statistical models to predict steel price movements. Though we are close to having a couple of working models (for you stats hounds we have a 6 week forecast model that is +/-1% of the actual price) you sourcing professionals are a tough crowd. We know that you will want to see at least a quarter out. If you are interested in knowing about our statistical models, subscribe to MetalMiner and we’ll let you know when those are available.

In the meantime check our our discussions on price trends for the following:

  1. Credit Suisse Bullish on China Metal Demand
  2. Aluminum: Look to China ” Time for a Pause?
  3. Silver Price Goes up as Dollars Flow Into New ETF
  4. General Dynamics and Allegheny Ludlum Illustrate the Strength of the Specialist Steel Market
  5. Are Industrial Metals Really on the Rise Part Two
  6. Is a Mr. Copper Behind the Price Increases?

–Lisa Reisman

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