Best of Rare Earth Metals

Rare earth metals represent our newest area of focus. From cleantech to greentech, the number of these new energy technologies that rely upon rare earth metals, seems to grow longer by the day. We’ve learned over the last six months that MetalMiner readers sure seem to like to read a lot about batteries, lithium, and magnets. Our alternative energy posts, analyses of Cap and Trade legislation and product development stories generate plenty of debate, commentary and discussion too but we’ll cover that in another Best Of series.

Now we must shamelessly promote a conference that MetalMiner is co-chairing entitled, Managing Supply Chain Risks for Critical & Strategic Metals. Of course, being the sourcing professionals that we are, we are pleased to offer admission to this conference for a 10% discount by clicking through these links. We believe this conference is the first of its kind ” bringing together mining companies, government scientists and experts and end-users of these rare earth metals. Join us in Washington DC from Oct 20-Oct 22, 2009.

In the meantime, take a peak back at some of our rare earth metals coverage:

  1. Let’s Talk Magnets for Wind Turbines
  2. The New LME Cobalt Contract
  3. Shot Down: China Intercepts North Korea Bound Vanadium Shipment
  4. Toshiba Partners with Kazakhstan to Develop Rare Earths and Uranium
  5. Europe Gearing up Lithium Ion Battery Production
  6. Evidence Points to Few Supply Concerns for Lithium ” Part One
  7. Evidence Points to Few Supply Concerns for Lithium   – Part Two
  8. Evidence Points to Few Supply Concerns for Lithium – Part Three
  9. A Debate Over the Commercial Viability of Lithium Ion Batteries

–Lisa Reisman

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