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Because of our backgrounds in global trade, Stuart and I often can’t help but to write about global trade developments as they relate to the metals industries. Sometimes, we feel as though the only thing we do is write about international trade so we’ve consciously limited our writing on specific trade issues to no more than two pieces per week. And though there have been a plethora of anti-dumping cases, the ones of greatest importance to the metals industry involve the OCTG and line pipe cases.

But other trade developments, besides anti-dumping, play a big role for all metals buyers. For example, the Rio Tinto arrests around iron ore negotiations have put iron ore and ultimately steel prices into the spotlight:

And power shortages in Russia may end up impacting the price of aluminum:

We’ll endeavor to continue covering the global marketplace including trade related pieces about developments nearer to our border including Mexico and Canada as they occur.

In addition, we’ll be watching all of the new WTO cases filed by both the US as well as China. Some of those decisions will also greatly impact the metals industries.

–Lisa Reisman

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