Water on the Moon, Magnetic Gasses and the Next Segway???

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What a week for science! We’ll cover three innovations/discoveries and point out the metals along the way ¦.

The first innovation comes from Honda. The company unveiled its   unicycle dubbed the U3-X yesterday. The portable mobility device apparently contains tiny wheels that enable the device to move in any direction the seated person wishes to go. For those of you Wall-E movie lovers, the Telegraph links to a picture of what humans will look like when we no longer need to walk (hint, it’s not pretty). In the meantime, here’s a peak of the new device:

Picture Courtesy of The Telegraph

The device weighs 22 pounds and uses a lithium-ion battery. Honda claims the battery charge lasts for an hour.
The second innovation involves the creation of the first ever magnetic gas, courtesy of Popular Science blog. According to the blog, scientists have long debated whether gasses have the same magnetic properties as solids. It appears the answer is yes. The research, conducted by MIT, demonstrated that by cooling an atomic gas of lithium to 150 millionths of a degree to absolute zero, magnetism can be observed. Scientists believe the discovery could lead to product developments in the areas of data storage as well as medical diagnostics.

Photo Courtesy of Popsci.com

Last, NASA sent the M3 (Moon Mineralogy Mapper) to the moon via the Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft and discovered water molecules on the poles of the moon! We had to do some digging on this one but discovered the M3, a spectrometer is similar to the Aviris which relies upon a series of metals including silicon, indium gallium arsenide, and indium antimonide.

Photo Courtesy of NASA

–Lisa Reisman

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