Rare Earth Metals Conference: Electric Vehicle Demand

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Perhaps one of the more controversial comments presented at the Managing Supply Chain Risks for Critical & Strategic Metals Conference came from Chris Hartshorn of Lux Research on the subject of electric vehicle (EV) market penetration rates by 2020. Specifically, Chris made two comments one on EV’s, “I don’t think EV’s will be as big as people think…we think .3-.4% penetration of electric vehicles globally will occur with $200/barrel oil,” and the other on plug-ins, “At $70 (barrel/oil) you’d get .1% penetration and 3.7-3.8% plug ins for oil over $200/barrel oil.”

MetalMiner asked Chris to comment on a statement made by Carlos Ghosn calling for 10% EV market penetration rates by 2020 in addition to the numbers presented by panelists at the conference:


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