O'Neal Steel Inc. Joins MetalMiner as a Lead Sponsor

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MetalMiner is pleased to announce that one of the nation’s largest metals service centers, family-owned O’Neal Steel and its affiliate companies, has taken the bold step of becoming the first lead sponsor of this site. According to Purchasing.com, O’Neal Steel is the sixth largest metals service center in the United States. Between O’Neal Industrial Metals Group (IMG) and O’Neal High Performance Metals Group (HPMG) the companies supply a full range of metal products for a broad range of industries from heavy equipment OEMs to aerospace.

We are thrilled to have O’Neal Steel on board as a lead sponsor for several reasons. First, we believe blogs and new media provide opportunities for both suppliers and buyers to engage in a more open dialog about the issues, trends and concerns of metal buying organizations. Second, we hope that these virtual pages create the means to move beyond the proverbial “send us your quote method of engagement to one in which mutual collaboration, discussion and engagement can occur. Finally, as MetalMiner has carved out a space in the market by writing with a point of view from the buyer’s perspective, we can honestly say that O’Neal Steel as a Lean/Six Sigma company shares our commitment to better understanding the “Voice of the Customer.

“We believe MetalMiner represents a new voice in the market, said Craft O’Neal, Chairman of O’Neal Industries, We are excited to be part of a new media forum that is already larger than many existing metals publications. Launched in December 2007, MetalMiner is already a top three domestic metal publication according to Compete.com, a third party ranking site:

Note: Third party rankings such as Compete.com are notorious for being only directionally accurate. However, since many sites measure the number of actual visitors based on their own reporting software, third party rankings are the only fair competitive indicator of traffic and reach (but not necessarily influence, an important distinction)

As our readers have grown accustom to, MetalMiner aims to regularly publish price predictions, price trends and forecasting information to assist companies with purchasing efforts. This information, coupled with a strategic, forward point-of-view allows metal buyers to develop cost reduction strategies thereby making the most of a very challenging economic environment.

We welcome O’Neal Steel and its affiliated companies, Leeco Steel, Metalwest, TAD Metals, Aerodyne Alloys, Supply Dynamics, TW Metals, and United Performance Metals to the MetalMiner community!

–Lisa Reisman

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  1. Nate Burgos says:

    Congratulations Lisa and Stuart! O’Neal Steel’s lead sponsorship of MetalMiner marks the importance of open coverage and dialog about metals, both their business and art. Press on!

  2. Jason Busch says:

    Kudos to a forward thinking family-owned firm for taking the initiative and jumping in. I suspect it won’t be long before others quickly follow their move given your traffic growth, but also your influence among those that matter: buyers. The key as I see it is not only providing entertaining coverage of a broad set of metals issues, but truly representing a buy-side perspective vs. the voice of the producers. Simply put, no other publications or subscription sites have the experience to represent the voice of those actually looking for metals cost and risk reduction, quality improvement and better overall supplier relationships.

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