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Best of MetalMiner

Two years ago today, Stuart and I launched MetalMiner with the hopes of filling a market need that we felt had been missing from the mainstream metals trade publications, namely actionable insight to guide buying strategy. We also wanted to write with a global pen so to speak, covering metals markets in the places you’d expect to hear from (e.g. China, Brazil, Russia, Europe) but also some places that you might not (e.g. Guinea, DRC, Venezuela). In addition, we set out to cover the entire gamut of metals from rare earths and some of the exotic metals to the plain Jane vanilla steel coil consumed by the masses. We had hoped to grow this blog to over 20,000 monthly readers by the end of this year. MetalMiner topped that number back in April.

And now we take stock of where we have come, where we are and perhaps most important, where we intend to go. First we’ll take a look back at where we’ve come our first few blog posts covered many of the same topics we cover today except back then, we didn’t have a clue about search engine optimization so I’d argue our headlines were much more interesting than they are now. Consider these classics:

  1. Airbus and Boeing Likely to be Sucking in More Than Just Fresh Air in 2008 to
  2. How Green is my Supply Chain to
  3. Playing the Price Arbitrage Game to
  4. From Russia with Love
  5. And finally, my absolute favorite, S Claus Narrowly Avoids Mob at Company Headquarters.

And back then a good day of readership meant someone besides myself, Stuart or my husband Jason Busch, who writes the extremely well-trafficked blog, SpendMatters came to the site. I’ll never forget when we crossed the 100 readers/day mark. But that was then and this is now.

Today, we state our goal we want to be the Number 1 metal buying community destination site. And like Avis, we try harder. Here is one company’s, Compete’s, search engine rankings for popular metal publications:

site compare dec 09

Note: Third-party rankings such as Alexa, Quantcast and Compete are notorious for being only directionally accurate. However, since many sites measure the number of actual visitors based on their own reporting software in different ways, they are the only fair comparative indicator of traffic and reach (but not necessarily influence and distinction)

Do we have a long way to go? Of course we do but with your feedback, participation and support, we hope to continue to build on this platform with our various tools and applications such as:

MetalMiner IndX(SM) which tracks 23 metals from China, India and Japan (our next iteration will include Korea) and we hope to eventually add domestic steel data

MetalSaver a category sourcing diagnostic designed to provide metal buyers insight to where cost savings opportunities may lie

And several new exciting additions we are developing for 2010.  As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to providing you with the diverse content we know you appreciate. Thanks for celebrating our second birthday with us!

–Lisa Reisman

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  1. Nate Burgos says:

    Happy Two Year MetalMiner Anniversary! Rock on! Here’s to more relevant coverage of metals, their markets and, last but not least, their design.

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