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With the exception of a post we ran on Spiderman’s new titanium webs (satirical), few posts have generated as many readers as our posts covering the auto sector. The industry, for all practical purposes, still makes up between 18-25% of overall domestic steel demand along with substantial aluminum and copper demand as well. But besides the “big 3 industrial metals of steel, copper and aluminum, MetalMiner received thousands of visitors on our coverage of new electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries and new product introductions.

Just last week, we published some forecasts and commentary on where the automotive industry may be headed in 2009 along with our thoughts on the product mix (small vs. large, electric/hybrid vs. gas). We re-post some of the most popular ones here:

Renault Announces the Line-up All Electric Vehicles

Segway and GM Unveil Two Wheel Electric Car of the Future

All Electric Nissan Leaf Unveiled

A Different Take on the GM Volt Announcement

We will endeavor to cover the automotive space in even greater detail in 2010. We’ll examine monthly sales numbers including the make/model of what sells and of course all of the metals information pertaining to those product developments. As a key economic indicator, automotive demand will tell us much about the overall health of the US economy.

–Lisa Reisman

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