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We look at our in-bound mail and gauge inbound phone calls to determine what MetalMiner readers appear most concerned about when it comes to metals. This week, we heard a lot from aluminum buyers concerned about rising prices. Emails like this one from a large consumer products buyer, “Any idea what’s going on with aluminum? It’s going crazy right now, certainly say it all. And recently we heard something along opposite lines, “what’s going on with zinc because I’m wondering if I should switch some die castings over to aluminum again. So without further adieu, we bring you a recap of recent non-ferrous metals market insight:

US Aluminum Market Premiums Set to Increase in 2010

Copper Which Way Next?

Zinc Capacity Coming on Too Fast?

Should MetalMiner Offer Metal Market Webinars?

Well, we had to get a plug in and we heard from many of you with a resounding yes. Non-ferrous metal webinars (the non paying varietal) are on the agenda for 2009. We’ll let you know when those will be offered. We will cover the full range of non-ferrous metals including tin, nickel, lead, zinc, copper and aluminum as part of our 2009 price prediction series during the first few weeks in January. We will also assess how we did in 2009.

–Lisa Reisman

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