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Yesterday I had an opportunity to talk metals with Tracy Brynes and Chris Cotter on Back in my broadcast journalism days (well, that was one of my college majors if truth be told), every comment and every item was heavily scripted. Today, these internet interviews are a bit more refreshing as you have longer than 10 seconds to make a point. Of course no metal discussion would be complete without talking about the headliners: steel, copper, China, gold and of course rhodium.

Rhodium you may ask? Well, we have spent a good part of 2009 tracking various rare earth metals so rather than talk about neodymium (my other rare earth metal option for this year or lithium), I thought we’d give the low down on Rhodium.  The interview runs about 6 minutes. I’d welcome your feedback:

In the coming weeks, MetalMiner will be rolling out two versions of price predictions. We’ll cover the high level directional trends on the blog and then integrate detailed price forecasts including data from our own proprietary MetalMiner IndX(SM) and specific sourcing strategies via a premium content section.

If you have a metal you would like to see covered, drop us a line at info (at) agmetalminer (dot) com.

–Lisa Reisman

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  1. Great spot Lisa. I linked to it from the sourcing blog yesterday.

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