Bisque's Designer-Radiator Revolution

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When winter hits, the heat is on. UK’s leading designer-radiator company, Bisque, has been providing a different take on warming up buildings for more than a quarter century. The company turned 30 in 2009 and prides itself in its heaters that are more aligned to interior design. Adding to the company’s birthday celebration was its receipt of the CoolBrands® distinction. The cool factor is Bisque’s change from a small plumbing company into the maker of radiators that have been recognized for their singular style and performance:

Hot Springs by Bisque

Image of “Hot Springs by Bisque

Archibald 2 by Bisque

Image of “Archibald 2 by Bisque

To counter the cold climate, Bisque’s designer-radiator revolution is on.

Nate Burgos

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