Lady of the Oxy-Acetalyne Torch: Sculptor Cal Lane's Steely Contrast

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Image by Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

Image by Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

Hard substance, soft surface. Thick assemblage, thin deconstruction. Opaque themes, transparent expression. These coupled contrasts broadly characterize Sculptor Cal Lane’s passion for “desirable oppositions. In this playing with opposites, balance is the search. Her hands-on transformation of oil drums, cars and shovels results not only in appealing forms, but also provocative statements about the craft of industry.

Image of

Image of “Love Rug Oil Drum #1, Plasma-cut steel oil drum, 2008
by Cal Lane

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Image of  “ËœCar Door’, Plasma cut steel car parts, 2006 by Cal Lane

Image of

Image of  “Ëœ3 Shovels’, Plasma cut steel shovels, 2006 by Cal Lane

Cal Lane studied welding, which metals-based Sculptor Richard Serra described as “a form of stitching. On a five-acre compound in Putnam Valley, N.Y., owned by David and Diane Waldman of Rancho Mirage, California, Lane creates her artwork”and it has further elevated the quality of the property’s bucolic landscape. Another contrast that plays out here is the relationship between the natural and the artificial. For a female artist, who has “a close relationship with the boiler, her fine working in heavy metal is inspired creativity to behold.

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  1. Rod Clifton says:

    Beautiful work. I hope my wife doesn’t see it since she wants to weld in our garage and use it as a makeshift art studio. Thank God for building codes!

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