Pacha Design's Use of Long Lasting Materials for Long Lasting Furniture

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Weathered. Discolored. Rusty. These are off-putting at first. But to Samantha Robb  and Glenn Rushbrooke of Welcombe-based studio pacha design, these are appealing properties. They appreciate “simple, uncomplicated design and work with materials that help achieve this result. Aged stone and metal are their choices, such as quarried Cornish slate with metal details like a rusty bolt used for the studio’s making of mirrors:

Oak blocks are used for tabletops or legs. The metal handles are also used for some of the studio’s designs:

Steel is another repurposed element:

These materials are old but far from worthless. Their age doesn’t matter. They are important for people who want to gather, and enjoy food and each other’s company, like in these “oak edge and slate dining table and benches:

There are many more such examples of ordinary materials, natural and artificial, that are not neglected. Time shaped them. Time reclaimed them. Small businesses like pacha design take the time to discover the long-lasting qualities of sustainably-sourced timber and discarded metal.

Nate Burgos

Photographs by pacha design and Photographic Assignments

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  1. Enjoyed reading your write up on Pacha Design – We recently added their design to our website.

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