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Due to the sheer number of steel buyers and volumes consumed throughout the world, steel remains the largest metals market by far. Our coverage of the steel market has evolved over time yet we have consistently presented information covering the global metals markets (a necessity in today’s environment when over 50% of world steel production occurs in China). Our price forecasts include detailed cost of production models for both BOF and EAF steel making operations. Those forecasts are updated quarterly.

2010 has proven an exciting year for steel markets. We’ve seen the demise of the annual iron ore contracts and probably the demise of the quarterly iron ore contracts. Trade cases, cap and trade (cap and tax) legislation and health care legislation have altered the manufacturing landscape, particularly for steel companies. The US economy will play a big role in determining the fate of steel demand here. China’s economy will do the same for its supply/demand balance. We re-post several pieces covering the steel market:

US Domestic Steel Collusion Case: Will it Change the Sourcing Landscape Part Three

Severstal Closes Sparrows Point in Favor of Imported Slabs and Running Down Surplus Inventory

Four Steel News Items on Demand and Steel Price Direction

Top Steelmakers Re-Shuffle the Pecking Order

End of the Quarterly Iron Ore Contracts: That Was Easy!

–Lisa Reisman

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