Best of Non-Ferrous Metals

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As former aluminum traders (meaning Stuart and I have bought and sold a range of semi-finished aluminum products on our own account) we can never stray too far from the base metals. Where the base metals markets will go, nobody knows for sure but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to better understand the fundamentals and demand drivers. MetalMiner price forecasts and any commentary relating to where base metals markets may go remain the most popular content on this site.   We’ve summarized a few of those key pieces here to bring you up to speed in case you missed the original posts:

Aluminum Consumption Projections for China 2010 and Beyond

Zinc and a Crystal Ball

Copper:   How Much Further Does it Have to Fall?

Lead Production, Demand and Prices Part One

Lead Production, Demand and Prices Part Two

–Lisa Reisman

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