Best of Rare Earth Metals

On this July 4 holiday weekend we thought it might make for a good time to review some of our “Best of posts. We have selected these pieces based on timeliness of content, traffic and general interest. MetalMiner started publishing back in December of 2007. We focused our writing primarily on major industrial metals markets such as steel, copper, aluminum and the precious metals. But what we saw was an overwhelming demand for commentary in the rare earth metals field. With that in mind, we decided to devote a portion of content to new technologies, minor metals, rare earth metals, and some of the less common metals as we see some major shifts occurring in the usage of some of these metals.

You may not agree with all of our opinions (and we like that) but we promise to continue providing actionable insight, not just an aggregation of the news. We’ve selected five posts here some of which have begun to shape the discussion on rare earth metals in general:

China Bashing Over Rare Earth Metals: Justified or Not?

China Looking to Better Manage Reserves of Rare Earth Metals

Vast Riches of Minerals Found in Afghanistan Ought to Fall on Deaf Ears

Conflict Minerals in Congo: Enough! Project Mixed Messages

–Lisa Reisman

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  • Some of the rare earth mineral found in pegmatite and ranging from 1.5ppm 1% is it feasible for mining.


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