Correction to Our Article on CHP

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We recently wrote a piece on the application of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technologies to metals manufacturing plants as examples of the substantial savings that this technology can make to reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions for the metals industry and indeed for wider industrial processes. The article was well received but we became aware that it contained some errors that deserve correction.

First, the West Virginia Alloys silicon plant CHP enhancement is not yet fully operational and the final costs savings have not yet been released. Savings in energy costs are expected to be in the region of 20%. The additional furnace and expansion plans we mentioned have yet to be finalized as furnace enhancements may actually achieve more optimized results for the plant than adding a sixth furnace. Certainly our contention that the investment will significantly improve the competitiveness of WVA holds true and will encourage silicon manufacture back to US shores from overseas.

The other point was our reference to Recycled Energy Developments (RED) partnership with ArcelorMittal for the installation of their coking oven boilers and power generation project. In fact the firm who secured the CHP contract was Primary Energy, who secured the contract when RED’s chairman Tom Casten was at the helm of Primary. Our apologies Primary Energy, we did not intend to steal your laurels and our apologies to WVA for publishing project expectations as if they had already been realized, that was our misunderstanding of reports received. Nobody’s perfect!

–Stuart Burns

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